About Me

A Little about Me: Raised in a working class family, I was taught the importance of family, the significance of education, the value of a dollar, and the life lesson of respecting the opinions of others.

I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1997, where I enjoyed a long career working as a meteorologist, a network infrastructure engineer, and ultimately as an Electronic Warfare Officer. My career sent me all over the globe, providing me with a wealth of experience, both personally and professionally. Most importantly, it enabled me to interact with people from all walks of life. My career brought me to Offutt Air Force base in 2007, and although I left in 2010 for another assignment, I returned to the area after my retirement in 2014. While there are many reasons for my love of this area, the biggest is the people.

Family: My wife, Raedawn, and I have 3 children: Mason, 13, and our twins Myla & Reese, 7. As a family we are involved in many activities outside of work and school. We are active members of our church, belong to the local Elks Lodge, and volunteer our time to the Open Door Mission. Our children always have something going on, as well. Mason plays soccer, hockey and football (of course), while Myla and Reese are heavily involved in dance and will soon be joining the Girls Scouts! I mention our family’s activities because they allow me to spend a lot of time in the community, discussing the issues which concern us all. This level of visibility will assist me in bringing to the County Commissioner’s office the transparency and accountability that you deserve. I have met people from all over the county due to these activities and meeting folks like you have inspired me to run.

My Pledge to You: I will serve you and represent you with passion, integrity, honor, and duty. I will listen, appreciate, solicit and value your insight, and respect your point of view. I will lead by making decisions based upon facts, following the law and by doing what is best for those living in our community. I come to you unencumbered by any special interests, pet projects, or personal favors. I hope to earn your support and your vote.